B o u l d e r   W o o d s    V I E W S
Recreational Disc Golf Course
Conewago Day Use Area in Gifford Pinchot State Park
Here (and below) are
Views of Various Holes
On the Boulder Woods Course

This is Tee #1

The only hole with a concrete pad
(donated by the B.W.C.C. club)
Here's the Bulletin Board

looking back toward the parking area
At Tee #1 we keep Scorecards
in this water-protected box

John and Gail Lemkelde have faithfully
filled this box since the course was installed
Here's the Basket on Hole#3

Many of the holes at Boulder Woods
have trees protecting
the approach to the basket
This is the Tee for Hole#5

This is the longest hole extending
to about 425' over the hill

You'll find there are two basic
shots through these trees depending
on whether you're right or left handed
Here's the view down Fairway#5

Through the trees and across the open area
Tee #6

Throw a nice shot down the fairway
with a hook right --
or throw an S-curve past the mando
The Holes with Mandatory Trees
have notes on the Tee Posts
to explain the requirements
for proper play on this hole

It also explains the penalty
for missing the Mando
Tee #8

This Hole requires a strong throw
with a right hook or with an S-curve

This Hole is 400' long into the woods
< < < < < < < < < <    Basket #9

Fairway #10

This Hole plays over the top of the hill
similar to Hole#5, but is quite a bit shorter
Hole #13 has a narrow fairway
with a Double-Mando (for safety)
and the basket is set deep in the woods
but the length is relatively short

Make your way from #13 to #14

Using this newly cleared pathway
Tee #14 on top of hill

This Hole plays through deep woods
with a straight fairway but does
have a number of trees to avoid
Basket #14

to end a long, straight fairway
Tee #15 near the bathrooms

This Hole plays straight up
with a left hook down over the hill
Basket #15

down this hill, but not all the way
so be careful about overthrowing it
Fairway #16 is quite long (335')
with a Mando in the middle to protect
users of the nearby bathrooms
Basket #17

on a short fairway, but has a number
of protective trees that need to be
bypassed with an S-curve, left,right,left
Tee #18

Find a flight path that avoids the
trees near the pathway, but still
is able to make it through the trees
that are guarding the basket