B o u l d e r   W o o d s    C O N S T R U C T I O N
Recreational Disc Golf Course
Conewago Day Use Area in Gifford Pinchot State Park
Here (and below) are
Pictures of Construction
On the Boulder Woods Course

Here's one of the painted tree stumps
that have been identified on various holes.
First, it helps to avoid these when walking,
but ultimately they are to be removed
We have installed new side borders
on many of the Tees to keep gravel in
and to keep water out

At various locations, we have built
water dams using logs and berming the dirt
to force the water to flow away from
the area we are protecting

(Tee #16)
Here's another example of the
water dams being used to protect the
Tees -- this is Tee #3

They are intended to blend into the woodsy
environment as much as possible while still
accomplishing their goal
Here, the pathway between Hole#13
and Hole#14 has been cleared of rocks
then the dirt leveled, then a layer of
gravel has been put on to help keep
your feet from getting muddy
when the path is wet
On Fairway #3, and elsewhere as needed
we have placed a number of
wooden stepping stones to help when
we have heavy rains and this area gets
overwhelmed with runoff water from the
surrounding woods
We have added Bag Hooks to the Tee Posts
to allow you to hang your DG Bag while waiting
for your turn to throw -- this keeps it dryer
than having to put it on the ground when wet
and it's handier to pick your disc from as well
Boulder Woods Tee #1
is located next to this otherwise
unused area of the parking lanes which
means very handy parking
whenever you visit us
Some of the baskets on the course
were rusty and needed to be replaced.
With the assistance of Innova, we obtained
replacement Tops for the baskets that were
too rusty to reasonably paint.
Don Dillon is getting one basket ready
for installation.
Here, Ken Lemkelde is installing the
final bolts to mount the new baskets and
lock them in place.
Don also made a nice sign for visitors.
It informs them, after finishing at
Basket #9, which direction on the
path they should go to reach Tee #10.

More Pictures to Come

As the course upgrades continue
there will be more pictures added

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