Boulder Woods Recreational Disc Golf Course
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Boulder Woods Now Has Concrete Tees
During the Spring of 2007, with the help of the Pinchot Maintenance Crew,
a number of members of the Boulder Woods Country Club (DG Club),
plus others, we were able to install new concrete teepads for every hole.
They turned out great with very good footing.

We also installed new Fairway Signs on every hole. These signs show the total length
of the hole from the Rec and Am Tees, the general features of the fairway and
the preferred flight path of the disc.

We then installed stylish new Mandatory Signs in front of the appropriate trees.


Information from the 2007 Keystone State Games Event.


Maintenance of the Course Requires Work on a Regular Basis
We appreciate all help contributed, whether 1/2-hour or 12 hours.
Naturally, it's best to talk with Ken or Don to coordinate your efforts,
and so we know what is yet to be done.

Hope to see you soon!
Ken Lemkelde -
Don Dillon -

* * Iron Man Disc Golf Event* *
* * 1st Sunday in October * *
Fundraiser for The MS Society

The local Disc Golf Community has raised over $10,000
in the history of this event!

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Archived News:

Many thanks to those who showed up early on such a cold morning to help
with the Boulder Woods upgrades. At 22-degrees, it was extra cold
working with concrete and steel

These hearty volunteers put 5 DropZone markers in place and installed
the inner chain sets for 8 of the previously installed baskets.
Thanks to the joint fundraising of the BWCC and HADGC, local Disc Golf clubs,
for contributing to the costs of these upgrades.

The New Basket Tops finally arrived from Innova. They were installed in place of the
rusty ones today. Thanks to those who helped install them and to those who helped to
defray the costs of the return shipping for the old tops.

With summer temperatures and other commitments, we have taken a short break from the
Course upgrades and maintenance. However, with the 5th Annual Iron Man Tournament just
around the corner, we would like to have a work day on Sunday 9/17 to clean up the tees,
clear the fairways, pick up brush, and otherwise get the course ready for the Iron Man.

We will be working on Sunday mornings as we have the opportunity. We will most likely be
getting the rest of the Tee Boxes fixed, installing the remaining Rec Tees, and other misc
work that needs to be done.

New Basket Tops will soon arrive to replace the rusty tops that are now on the course.

Innova has been very considerate in their deal to replace these for us.
Thanks to those who have funded the costs (Jason,Lynn,Bob,Paul)

I finally had some time to play the course.... and review the situation after the rain....
It is in remarkable shape for the amount of rain we got over the last week... So don't hesitate to come out and enjoy the very playable Boulder Woods.....

Thanks to Bob Eberly for cleaning up yet another fairway..... most recently it was Fairway#12...

Also Kudos to Bob for keeping the trash container under control...... just make sure you carry your trash back to Tee#1 and deposit it in the Trash Can. DO NOT drop it on the course.... Thanks Bob!!

Much work has been going into the course. We hope you are enjoying the upgrades.

Most work is occuring on Hole#9, Hole#10, Hole#13, and Hole#14. Basket#9 just got a fantastic make-over of dirt/stone to make a more even surface for lay-ups, and to increase the playability around the basket.

Check out the Player Pix and the View Course sections of the webpage for pictures of recent activity, both the fun kind and the tiring kind....

Another request will be made to the park for dirt/stones to cover over the low spots on various fairways. We are now preparing those areas so that they can be done in an efficient manner when the resources are available.

If you would like to help, just contact Don or myself about when we'll be working on the course.

The park maintenance department, with the guidance of Don Dillon, today removed a large number of stumps and broke up many rock formations on the fairways that were impeding the improvement efforts. It left a bit of a mess that will now need to be cleaned up...

If you would like to help out, please go to our discussion group as listed at the top of this page, join the group, and then post a message offering your help... or at a minimum, check the messages for when scheduled work will be taking place on the course, and just stop by to lend a hand.