D I S C   G O L F   Q U I C K   T U T O R I A L
Recreational Disc Golf Course
Conewago Day Use Area in Gifford Pinchot State Park
Driving from the Tee.

Your drive from the Tee Box needs to be level and straight. Most discs are made 'overstable' meaning they will curve left when they begin to slow down (for a righthander, throwing BACKHAND). BACKHAND means (using your right hand) you will be throwing across your body from left to right.

Because of this 'overstability' you need to put alot of spin into the disc to keep it straight during the first part of the fairway.
The way to put spin into your disc is to snap your wrist just as the disc is leaving your hand. (Ignore the extra disc in her left hand)
An alternate way to throw the disc.

As being done here, you can also throw the disc FOREHAND. This means you are facing the fairway when you throw the disc across your body from right to left. Using this type of throw, the standard 'overstable' disc will now curve right when it slows down.

You will still want to snap the disc with your wrist just as you release it in order to keep the flight of the disc as straight as possible during the first part of the flight down the fairway.
Here you see a forehand drive
through the trees on Hole #5

After making a good drive from the Tee Box
it is important to make a good 2nd shot to
land within a few feet of the basket for a 3.

Or land in a position to make another throw
at the basket and this time land close
enough to max out at 4 throws with your
final putt being a simple Drop-In.

After making a driving throw from the Tee,
you must mark the 'lie' of the thrown disc.
This is often done by placing a mini-disc
just touching the front of the thrown disc.

When you actually make your 2nd throw,
just before releasing the disc,
your foremost foot must be within
12-inches behind the marker disc.

Here, the originally thrown disc is used as the marker disc and is just in front of his right foot
Putting into the basket.

The final part of playing any hole on the course is the 'putt'. You must putt into the basket to complete the hole--a disc landing on top of the basket does not count as 'in'.

Throwing consistency is the key to good Disc Golf, especially for putting.
This is a good 25' putt!

(See the disc about 1/2 way to the basket?)